Weego is a portuguese brand that was born from a need to offer innovative products. We focus on pets' health and well-being, offering a range of products that can answer to their specific needs in a healthy and careful way.


Our recipes' formulas are based of carefully selected natural ingredients and delicately cooked at low temperatures for a bigger preservation of nutritional properties.

With no artificial coloring nor preservatives, with no hormones and no genetice modified organisms, Weego food also contains chondroprotectors for a healthy development of your pet.

Our food range counts on dry food references for every type of dog, with or without grains, specific to their life stages, weight, size and daily physical activity, as well as grain-free dry food based of fresh protein for every type of cat.

We also develop complementary products with a lot of health and nutrition benefits for your pet.


Weego cat litter is 100% natural bentonite, with no other added mineral. It has a fast clumping response, blocking bad odors. We have 4 different references, each and every one of them with long lasting duration, dust-free and safe for kittens.

We also have a non-toxic silica-gel based litter with a high absorption level ans safe for kittens, offering comfort to cats at their homes.


Their well-being and health are not just limited to our decisions about their food and hygiene, but also with some care habits that allow them a much more comfortable daily life.

Our grooming accessories line includes brushes and nail clippers for both dogs and cats. With an ergonomic design for those who use it, at the same time, they offer a pleasing experience of hair and nail care for our pets.