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General Conditions
Use of the Weego® Site by Weego® customer (s) (hereinafter "Customer" or "Customers" respectively) or DASHI ™ Site user (s) (hereinafter "User" or "Users") assumes and implies knowledge and acceptance by Customer and User of these Terms and Conditions.

You and You represent that you have the necessary legal capacity to accept these Terms and Conditions.

Weego® reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions, freely and at any time.

Customer must read these Terms and Conditions prior to registering with Weego®. Upon reading, understanding and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions, Customer declares that no further act or consent is required.

Web Page Usage

The user undertakes to use the Web, the Services and the Content in a diligent, correct and lawful manner and, in particular, undertakes to refrain from: suppressing, misleading or manipulating the copyright and other data identifying rights of holders incorporated into the Content, as well as technical protection devices, or any information mechanisms that may contain the Content. 

Provided you comply with these Terms and Conditions and applicable law, particularly copyright and industrial property protection, and criminal laws, Customer and User enjoy complete freedom to use the Weego® Site.

You and You are solely responsible for your use of all content available on or from the Weego® Site in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

The following activities are expressly prohibited:

(i) engage in activities that are illegal or infringe the rights of Weego® or its Customers and Users or other Internet users;

(ii) use any identity other than that of Customer or User or otherwise falsify or obscure the identity of Customer or User in email messages or any other Internet service;

(iii) transmit, reproduce, publicize the sale, offer, exchange or search for any copy or form of copying or use of copy of computer program, written publication or any other work protected by copyright law or industrial property, or any other material or information that may be legally protected or violate the rights of third parties, regardless of the medium used, without holding the respective rights of transmission, reproduction, advertising, use or authorization legally required;

(iv) interfere with or otherwise condition the use of the Weego® Site or otherwise violate any rules, regulations or network standards linked to the use of the Weego® Site;

(v) introduce, transmit or make accessible in any form material containing viruses, programs, systems or files that destroy or limit the functionality and / or capability of any computer, server, including software and hardware or communications equipment or electronic networks;

(vi) promote or provide information about illegal activities such as the physical offense of other individuals or acts of animal cruelty.

Violation of Terms and Conditions

Weego® reserves the right to take any action it deems necessary to safeguard its rights in the event of violation or attempted violation of these Terms and may choose to suspend or block access to and use of the DASHI ™ Site without that for the Client or User comes the right to any compensation or indemnity due to such fact.

The entire content of the Weego® Site, including, but not limited to, text, graphics, images, sounds, logos, trademarks, domains and any other elements, is the property of Weego®, which owns, inter alia, copyright and proprietary rights. industrial about the same. Copyright protection of Weego® content extends to all reproductions or copies obtained from the content of the Weego® Site.
Access to and use of the Weego® Site is subject to interference, interruption, disconnection or other anomalies, including as a result of malfunctions, overloads, line loads or other contingencies to which Weego® is unrelated, expressly acknowledging Customer and User. that no liability may be attributed to Weego® for any potential or actual damages that may, directly or indirectly, result to Customer or user due to the occurrence of such events.
Weego® does not warrant that the Weego® Site will operate uninterrupted or be free of errors, viruses or other harmful elements.
Weego® is not responsible for any defects, malfunctions, or incompatibilities of Customers 'or Users' hardware and is not obligated to provide support in the use of the Weego® Site nor to ensure that it serves the purposes intended by Customer or the Use.
Weego® reserves the right at any time to add, delete or modify any content from the Weego® Site.
Weego® reserves the right to deny access to and use of the Weego® site to any Customers or Users that violate any provision of these Terms and Conditions or any legal rules, including regarding the use of the Internet and its users.
Weego® is not responsible for the accuracy, quality, safety, legality or legality that Weego® is unaware of, including compliance with copyright and related rights rules, with respect to the content or products or services contained on the Weego® Site that have provided by advertisers or business partners, as well as any information contained on third party websites to which it links.
Weego® is also not responsible for any acts or omissions of such third parties relating to such content, products or services, and does not guarantee that such products or services will achieve certain results intended by Customer or the User.
Weego® assumes no responsibility for consequences resulting from access by Customers or Users to third party websites through links provided by Weego®.
Weego® is not responsible for improper administration of the products to the User's animal (s) even if they are supplied through a purchase from Weego®. It is therefore up to the User to check the products received through the online shopping process before opening the packages.

Customer or User Responsibility
You or You are authorized to use the contents of the Weego® Site solely for its intended purpose, and you may not expressly reproduce, post or publicly disclose, distribute, or otherwise make the content accessible to third parties for public communication or marketing purposes, and you may not change the content.
Any source code or software made available on the Weego® Site and owned by Weego® may not be used solely and solely for its intended purpose. For software that is properly identified as belonging to a third party, you or you must comply with the rules imposed by those third parties when using the software.
The Client or the User undertake to keep strictly confidential any access codes made available to them for their use on the Weego® Site, being responsible for any damages or damages that may cause Weego® or third parties, in unlawful or incorrect use of the Weego® site, and undertakes to inform Weego® immediately of any violations or misuse of which it becomes aware.
It is further expressly prohibited for you or the User to create or introduce on the Weego® Site any type of virus or program that damages or contaminates you or to advise third parties to do so.
The Customer or User agree not to use the Weego® Site chats, forums, or any other discussion groups for commercial purposes, including for the distribution of products or services, or for advertising purposes, or for joining any entities or organizations.
Customer or the User is solely responsible for the direct or indirect damages caused to himself or herself, to Weego® or to any third party, in connection with his or her use of the Weego® Site, and undertake to pay damages that may be attributed by reason of any action, claim or condemnation to which it gives rise.

Personal Data
Browsing the Weego® website does not require any form of registration, allowing you to browse our website without providing us with any personal data. However, purchasing products, knowing promotional information and subscribing to newsletters necessarily requires the provision of personal data. Weego® will only use personal data when it is provided by its owners, for the purposes provided and always with the consent of their owners.
The data controller is Weego®, committing the Client and User to provide and keep up to date personal data and ensuring that it is true.
For more information about Personal Data see our Privacy Policy here.
Weego® Site Suspension or Termination
Weego® may freely and at any time suspend or terminate access to and use of the DASHI ™ Site, without right to compensation or indemnification for Customers or Users.

Applicable Law
All questions not expressly regulated in these Terms and Conditions will apply to Portuguese Law. In the event of a dispute as to the validity, effectiveness, interpretation, integration, application or enforcement of these Terms and Conditions, DASHI ™ and the Customer agree that it be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the District Court of Porto, with express waiver of any other.

1. This section governs your registration and access as a Weego® Customer, subject to all Terms and Conditions described herein that may affect you.
2. Any products, services and features made available to Customer Weego® shall be governed by these Terms and Conditions.
3. Data and information provided under this registration process or collected during use of the Weego® page will be automatically processed, dealt with by these Terms and Conditions and accepted by Customer upon registration on the Weego® website.

Pre-Orders of Products Out of Stock

1. Pre-reservations are paid when the order is placed and the products are shipped as soon as they arrive at the warehouse. 

2. If the order includes products in stock, these will be shipped as soon as the order is processed. Items in pre-reservation will be later shipped upon replacement.